Businesses Is Our Business

Multidisciplinary Business Consulting

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When did you receive a professional opinion on your business?

When did you learn about new practical ways of
thinking to take your business to the next level?

Businesses Is Our Business

Multidisciplinary Business Consulting

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Why Should You Use management outsourcing?

It's time to add work to your business,
without burdening your employees

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Our Coaching Services Provide a Practical "Toolbox",
Which Will Enrich the Ways of Thinking & Acting
of the Organization's Managers & Employees.

It will generate a spirit of innovation and motivation and
improve the company's achievements in a short time!

Coaching Managers and Employees

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If you... plan to start a business or move your business to the next level Dealing with an organizational problem of competitive market Looking for a way out of a crises, or actually you are looking at a business opportunity We will provide you with all the tools needed to make it happen

The Expert is on its way to you!

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Multidisciplinary experts service for businesses, includes:

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Multidisciplinary experts service for businesses, includes:

Know us & what we do bit more

What is our specialty?

We perform a thorough diagnosis in order to detect weak links. We then formulate unique techniques and follow up until the desired results are achieved.

Our service is given to any type of business, any size, and in every stage of the business life – from the establishment and development, through the process of change and growth to problem solving and dealing with crises.

What is the secret sauce?

The underlying secret of our service is the understanding that every business is a whole world requiring specific attention to its specific needs, capabilities and requirements. Our approach is unique in the level of depth of understanding the business while formulating a business plan tailored precisely to the needs of the business.. The service is based on innovative practices, ranging from specific personal advice, through team building focused on goals and finally referring to our experts for resolving special issues and using TURN KEY project managment technique.

What Principles Guide Us?

Shtern Consultants is committed to the highest standards of service, in accordance with the following principles:

  • Professionalism – Providing solutions based on innovative practices that have proven their effectiveness.
  • Full transparency – providing current, accurate and reliable information.
  • Flexibility and Creativity – thinking “outside the box” and responding to unexpected situations.
  • Compliance programs – ensuring compliance with the requirements defined, including deadlines, budget and objectives.
  • Availability – we are prepared to be available to our customers in the usual means (verbally and electronically), and to respond to requests as quickly as possible.
  • Confidentiality – an obligation to secrecy regarding business processes.

Choose the route that suits you best

Our service can be in one of three tracks, or a combination:

Coaching of Managers and Employees

Providing a practical “toolkit”, which will enrich the ways the organization’s managers and employees practice their roles (Business Coaching).

Multidisciplinary Business Consulting

Our comprehensive consultation services are offered in a wide range of areas, including financial management, human resources, computing, advertising and marketing, family business management and more. In order to streamline the workflow and improve economic performance (Business Consulting).

Management Outsourcing

Provide professional and diverse management services, which will enable the business to focus on the area of expertise without having to spend resources on management. (Management Services)

Why Choosing Shtern Consultants ?


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